12 Feb 2020

Expert meetings and invited lectures:

  • 2018. “Islamic Reformism and Western Christianity: Al-Manar’s Responses to Missionary Work in
    Egypt,” The Christian-Muslim Studies Network, University of Edinburgh, November 1
    2017. “The Hajj and European Imperial Powers: Between Pan-Islam, the Cholera, Shipping Trade”,
    Public Lecture Series: The Middle East in Global History – Global History in the Middle East,
    Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich, 15 May
    2017. “Salafism between Reformist and Puritan Islam in the interwar period,” Lecture Series Islamic
    Reform, Institute of Islamic Theology, University of Osnabrück, 12 April
    2017. Umar Ryad en Sophie Spaan, ‘Moskeeën en de koloniale islampolitiek in West Europa in het
    interbellum’ afscheidscongres Dr. Freek Bakker: “Wat maakt een plek die voorheen niet heilig
    was, heilig?”, Utrecht University, 25 January
    2016. “What went wrong with Salafism: A historical approach to modern Islam”, Leuven
    Interdisciplinary Islam Seminar: KU Leuven, 15 December
    2016. “Muslim Reform at the Periphery in the colonial age: Rashid Rida’s Views of Islam and Christian
    Missions in Sub-Saharan Africa”, Summer School: Christians and Muslims in Africa. Towards a
    Framework for the Study of Multi-Religious Settings, ZMO, Berlin, 14-20 July 2016.
    2016. “In de landen van overheersers: Moslims in Europa in het interbellum”, Bessensap 2016, de
    Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk onderzoek (NWO) en de Vereniging van
    Wetenschapsjournalisten Nederland (VWN), Amsterdam, 10 June.
    2016. Seminar (together with Mehdi Sajid): “Neither visitors, nor colonial victims: Muslims in interwar
    Europe”, The Cambridge Middle East History Group, Faculty of History, Cambridge University,
    3 May
    2016. “Muslim modernism in interwar Europe”, Seminar: CEMS-Low Countries: A Comparative
    Approach to Modernism, Utrecht University 9 May
    2016. “Religion as counter-politics in Post-revolutionary Egypt”, The Arab Uprisings Five Years Later,
    International Institute for Social History (IISH) Amsterdam, 15 April.
    2016. “Muslim Responses to Christian Missions in Interwar Egypt”, Engaging Europe in the Arab
    World: European missionaries and humanitarianism in the Middle East (1850-1970), Leiden
    University, 14 April.
    2016. “Contested knowledge, contested authority: The study of Islamic Theology in the Netherlands”,
    Berlin Forum for Muslim Thinking: Uncertain Times – Muslim Answers to Today’s Challenges,
    Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin, 6- 8 April.
    2016. “Mediators of Religious Modernity: European Converts to Islam in Interwar Europe,” Reviving
    previous times and expanding horizons: Islam and Modernity in global historical perspective,
    Istanbul NISIS Spring School, organized by The Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic
    Studies (NISIS), The Institut d’études de l’Islam et des Sociétés du Monde Musulman (IISMM),
    14-18 March (keynote lecture).
    2016. “Muslims in interwar Europe: A Transcultural Historical Perspective”, Public Lecture, Fatih
    University in Istanbul, 16.
  • 2016. “Muslims in Interwar Europe: A Transcultural Historical Perspective,” Urban Studies Talks,
    Center for Urban Studies & Department of Sociology, İstanbul Şehir University, 17 March.
    2016. “Salafism between ‘Progressive Reformism’ and ‘Regressive Radicalism’,” Public Lecture,
    Department of Sociology & School of Islamic Studies, İstanbul Şehir University, 17 March.
    2015. Seminar: “Muslims in Europe in the Interwar Years,” The CMES Director’s Series and the Prince
    Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program, Harvard University, 16 November.
    2015. Panel Discussion: “Arab Family Archives and Trans-cultural Colonial History from Below”,
    Zukunftsphilologie Winter Academy World Scripts: Concepts and Practices of Writing from a
    Comparative Perspective 4-14 September 2015, University of Cape Town.
    2015. “Zeki Hishmat Bey Kiram: Osmaanse Officier van Sinai front naar Duitsland”, Personal Memoirs
    from WWI, Center for Public Debate, The Hague, February 26.
  • 2015. Book presentation, Exchanged letters between Shakib Arslan and Mohammed Daoud, Dutch-
    Flemish Institute in Cairo in cooperation with the National Archives of Egypt, 2 February.
  • 2012. “The ideological shifts in the thinking of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Seminar: The Politics of the
    Muslim Brotherhood, Clingendael Institute and Erasmus University, The Hague, 19 December.
    2012. “Muslim presence and networks in Europe in the interwar and during war period: Questions for
    further research”, International Research Colloquium, Islamic Studies – University of Bonn, 5
    2012. “A Muslim reformist imagination of Germany before the Nazi period: Rashid Rida and his sources
    of information as a case study,” Middle Eastern Travels and Travelogues – Textual
    Interpretations and Methodologies, BMBF Research Group „Europe from the Outside“, Bonn
    University, 19 July.
    2012. “A Salafi Student in Orientalist Philology in Nazi Germany: Taqi al-Din al-Hilali and His
    Academic Experience in Germany 1930-40”, Zukunftsphilologie Lecture Series,
    Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, June 14.
    2012. Invited participation (via nomination), “Religion and Historical Inquiry”, Kandersteg Seminar,
    Remarque Institute, New York University, Kandersteg (Switzerland), 28 March – 1 April.
    2011. Lecturing during the Series “De avond van [De Koran, Mohammed en Allah] (The Evening of
    [The Qur’an, Mohammed and Allah])”, De Nieuwe Liefde {established by the Dutch Theologian
    and Poet Huub Oosterhuis}, Amsterdam.
    2011 Book presentation, Documents on the German Arms Trade in the Arabian Peninsula: Readings
    in the Archive of Zeki Kiram, Dutch-Flemish Institute in Cairo in cooperation with the National
    Archives of Egypt.
    2011. “Achter religieuze grenzen. Hoe kunnen religieuze verschillen in Nederland het verschil
    maken?, public debate, Free University of Amsterdam (VU), 22 september.
    2011. “Building up an Islamic reformist readership community in South East Asia: Rashid Rida’s
    influence and Networks in Indonesia,” Public Lecture, The Islamic Academy of Banten
    (Indonesia), 20 January.
    2010. “Zukunftphilologie: Revisiting the Canon of Textual Scholarship beyond Europe”, International
    Winter School, Free University of Berlin, at the American University Cairo, December 5-16.
    2009. Invited participation: Islam in Europe: What Model?, Casablanca, June 20-21.
    2008. Participation in the research/expert meeting on the education of Imams in Europe, The
    Swedish Ministry of Education, Stockholm, 19 November.
    2007. “Money and Wealth: An Islamic Perspective”, Gott.Geld.Kunst.Kapital, Artneuland Berlin, 7
    2007. Invited response to the paper, ‘An Islamic approach to primitive innocence’, by Hasan Hanafi,
    presented at the NOSTER international third congress, the Ambivalence of Sainthood and Sin,
    24-25 April.
    2006. Invited response to the lecture of David Ford, ‘Inter-Faith Wisdom as a Challenge to
    Contemporary Theology’’, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 7 December.
    2005. Summer Academy “Experts and Mediators of Knowledge in the 20th Century: Transregional
    Perspectives,” Wissenschaftskolleg, Akademie Schmoeckwitz, Berlin, 4-11 September.
  • 2005. Summer School “Bookish Traditions: Authority and the Book in Scripturalist Religions,” Central
    European University, Budapest, 4-15 July.
    2003. Participation in the 10th session of the European Council for Fatwa and Research in Dublin,
    22-27 January.

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