8 Feb 2020

Academic Training

  • 2003-2008 PhD (12/06/2008)
    Leiden University
    Faculty of Religious Studies
    (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. P.S. van Koningsveld and Prof. Dr. G.A. Wiegers).
    Dissertation Islamic Reformism and Christianity: A Critical Reading of the
    Works of Muhammad Rashid Rida and His Associates (1898-1935), Leiden:
    Brill, 2009
  • 1999-2001 Master’s degree (cum laude), Islamic Studies Leiden University
    Faculties of Arts and Theology
    Major Research: The interaction between Islam and Christianity in the modern
    age and the status of Muslims and religious freedom in the Netherlands
  • 1993-1998 Bachelor’s Degree, Islamic Studies in English
    1993-1999 Al-Azhar University in Cairo
  • Faculty of Languages and Translation (Department of English)
    Study of classical and modern sources of Islam in English; various types of
    Arabic-English translation and vice versa; English literature and linguistics

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